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The Pro Dashboard provides you with the insights of The Essentials Dashboard helping you chart the growth of revenues, active partners and combining revenue from GA with the costings of your affiliate network or SaaS provider.

The Pro Dashboard also incudes data from The Insights Dashboard, assisting you with product level insights, compare performance against other channels and enabling you to see performance across multiple affiliate network or SaaS accounts.

The Pro Dashboards unique features boast the ability to compare against your own forecasts (updated as and when it suits you) alongside extrapolated trend lines to help you judge whether new affiliate bookings are needed to hit forecast or stay in budget. Lastly there is a running budget calculator to help stay on top of costs throughout the year.

Further paid-for add-ons can be provided such as scheduled pdf sending, tagging/ring-fencing of specific affiliate groups, customised colour schemes and non-traditional weeks/months to fit how your business measures performance.


The Essentials Dashboard is £950pm for a suite comparable to the example above. The cost of additional customisations can be found on our pricing page and group discounts apply to customers with multiple accounts.