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We create dashboards

for your business reports

Connecting to all affiliate networks, Google Analytics, Adobe and all major data platforms, we build reporting that automatically updates moment by moment, saving you hours of manual work.

Combine insights

Combine the costs of your affiliate network with the revenue from your own analytics (GA or others) to see the true ROI of the affiliate channel.

Multi-territory reporting

Automatically convert and combine performance across multiple territories into a single currency, single view dashboard.

Extrapolate future performance

Gain insight into the expected performance come month-end based on the current in-month trends.

Profit reporting

If you’re an agency, you can apply your own set of earning rules for each client and monitor the overall business income in one easy place. No more invoicing headaches!

If you’re an advertiser, you can supply profit margins across product categories, individual products or at a business level to judge the value of your marketing channels in pure profit terms.


“We used the Gap Analysis Dashboard from Just Affiliate Reports at our agency to see performance per affiliate across all our clients. Now we can find missing affiliates from our programmes in seconds.”


“Running an agency presents many challenges and with so many moving parts, I needed an easy way to check invoice amounts for each client at month-end. The Agency Earnings Dashboard from Just Affiliate Reports delivered that for me!”


“One of my consultancy clients wanted real-time updates of their affiliate expenditure with a view on month-end projections and comparisons with their budget. My Pro Dashboard from Just Affiliate Reports has saved me hours of stress!”


Let’s work together on your
data challenges

Offering everything tailor-made to your requirements, there really are

no challenges we can’t overcome together.