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The Insights dashboard provides you with the same key metrics of The Essentials Dashboard, helping you chart the growth of revenues and sales as well as the number of click and sale active partners working with you. You have the option of combining revenue from Google Analytics with the costings of your affiliate network or SaaS provider, giving you a set of insights that makes it easier to judge the affiliate channel compared to other channels.

Where the Insights dashboard really comes into its own is monitoring performance of affiliate marketing against other channels to give context to the rises and falls of the campaigns you’re running, arming you with great insights to deliver to the rest of the business.

An additional value-add to the Insights dashboard is monitoring sales volumes or revenue per affiliate per product (with insights delivered directly from your GA account). This unique reporting facility can open up opportunities for supplier funded campaigns and identification of sites well positioned to promote your latest product launch.

Further add-ons include scheduled pdf sending, tagging/ring-fencing of specific affiliate groups, customised colour schemes and non-traditional weeks/months to fit how your business measures performance.


The Essentials Dashboard is £500pm for a suite comparable to the example above. The cost of additional customisations can be found on our pricing page and group discounts apply to customers with multiple accounts.